NEXT GEN Marine ENERGY Training

Relevant to ALL who are involved in Energy Transition

4 Hour Course - In Person or via Zoom / Teams

Focus on Sub 24m Vessels

Relevant for 25m to 100m - Ports & Harbours

Topics Include

What are the Next Generation Energy Drivers for Boats vs Ships

How Diesel & Petrol ICE are evolving in the Maritime Workplace

Why Modified ICE and Alternative Fuels are part of the Solution

Options for Re-Powering Fast Craft Fleets in a Changing World

Factors affecting 100% Battery-Electric / Lithium-ion

Pros & Cons of Parallel & Series Hybrid Systems

Hydrogen for Fuel Cell & as Dual Fuel in ICE

Realities of UK, EU, International Standards & Energy Policy

Technology Readiness Levels of Boats & Infrastructure

What can we Specify Now - by 2025 - by 2030

Course Objectives

Provide baseline knowledge of current and future energy options

Deliver an independent and current overview of industry best practice

Consider how other sectors are approaching challenges of decarbonising

Simply and clearly define the pros and cons of each energy type

Developed to support teams with broad range of backgrounds

Enable fact based decisions for vessels and infrastructure

Course Developer

John Haynes has organised working groups, workshops and conferences on

next generation marine power & propulsion and stored energy attended by

hundreds of international organisations. See NEXT GEN Attendees

For information about Training contact

Claire Donnelly  +44 (0)7709 675258




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