MariNH3 Conference 2024

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MariNH3 Conference 2024 Nottingham UK

MariNH3 Conference 2024 is being held at Grand Plaza Hotel, Nottingham UK on 26th June.

MariNH3 is a £5.5m EPSRC funded research programme which examines overcoming the key technical, economic and social unknowns of using ammonia in shipping. Two years into the five-year programme, the 2024 conference will showcase the significant advances being made across the three main themes.

'Acceptance' considers overcoming the key issues around the acceptance of ammonia in commercial marine engines. 'Fundamentals' looks at improving fundamental understanding of disruptive fuel, combustion, and emissions after-treatment solutions. 'Application' uncovers ideal applications for varying scales of marine propulsion.

The programme includes technical presentations, Q&A sessions, a poster exhibition showcasing additional areas of research, as well as keynote addresses from leading experts in the field.

The conference is an opportunity for academics, engineers and policymakers who have an interest in the use and development of green ammonia as a zero-carbon fuel to discuss the challenges and opportunities across the whole value chain.

MariNH3 is a five-year research programme to develop new and disruptive engine technology that will significantly cut greenhouse gases and pollution emitted by diesel powered marine vessels. The £5.5 million project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), with a further £2 million of match funding provided by industry.

The decarbonisation of commercial shipping requires sustainable “green” ammonia production, the development of new engine technologies and effective policy implementation. Research is focused on decarbonising end use, with minimal pollutants and reduced related energy demand, while at the same time overcoming key technical, economic and social barriers to the adoption of green ammonia as a fuel.

The MariNH3 programme is led by a team of investigators from University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham, University of Brighton and Cardiff University. The MariNH3 programme is supported by industrial organisations at the forefront of engine and fuel technologies, maritime industry services and legislation.

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MariNH3 Conference 2024

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